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An ISO 9001:2001 certified company offering a wide range of CPVC Pipes, Industrial CPVC Pipes, PVC Pipes & Fittings, cPVC Pipes & Fittings, HDPE Pipes And Fittings, PVC Garden Hoses, Direct Action Hand Pumps, LLDPE Water Tanks.


Pioneers in the line of manufacturing of plastic pipes, CPVC Pipes, Industrial CPVC Pipes in India, Ori-Plast started production of plastic pipes, CPVC Pipes, Industrial CPVC Pipes in the early 1970s, a time when very few people had heard of them and even fewer understood their potentiality. With dedication, commitment and technological finesse for doing things in a distinct manner, Ori-Plast has been able to achieve credibility across its ventures, which have created value for its customers, end-users and all other stakeholders. The superior value proposition is central to the company’s DNA and the source of its vision which encompasses a better and healthier lifestyle for customers, consumers, employees, and all other stakeholders including society at large.

Ori-Plast believes that this vision can only be achieved through a robust value system that leaves an imprint on all activities that the company partakes in. Ori-Plast strives to ensure that its associates appreciate and identify with the company’s values which include the centrality of honesty, achieved through best in class quality of pipes,cpvc pipes, industrial cpvc pipes, continuous learning and development, engagement satisfaction, sustainable development and ethical enterprise.

At Ori-Plast pipes are equated to arteries which not only circulate the life-blood through an organism but are also instrumental in filtering out waste. Similarly, pipelines are critical to the health, performance and efficiency of an organization or an institution. Silent, continuous and hassle free performance are the most basic functions of a good pipeline. The company wants its customers to take their product for granted without having to undertake rigorous maintenance. Ori-Plast has worked hard so that you can rely on your “lifeline”.